About the Project

The aim of the project is:

  • the promotion of international cultural communication between different educational institutions;
  • presentation of possibilities for improving skills of learning English;
  • getting acquainted with the newest technologies and using them in creating engineering devices;
  • raising pupils‘ interest in STEAM subjects;
  • developing students' creativity, initiative and business skills in shaping European culture of innovations.

The project will be carried out in several different directions – development of social and cultural consciousness, communication, research activities, engineering work, problem solving and flexibility.


Schools from LITHUANIA, LATVIA, ESTONIA, NETHERLANDS, PORTUGAL and TURKEY, which are going to participate in the project, are actively working in the STEAM field. The target group – 9 - 18 year old pupils.


The project is oriented to the co-operation and exchange of innovation and good practice among educational institutions of different countries. The aim is not only to raise interest in STEAM subjects and boost their popularity but also improve pupils results in this field. The project offers possibilities not only to search for causes and effects, observe, make experiments with water  but also to create, make a new device which will help to take water samples from lakes and rivers from different depths. When making this device pupils will improve their knowledge, creativity and team work skills. Pupils will try to formulate a hypothesis, aims and objectives, learn to plan  and make experiments, observe them, analyze results and make conclusions. It is also in our plans to develop a digital teaching device „Water Basins“ which could be used by teachers from different countries as well as people interested in this field.

The target topics of the project: quality of potable water, water basins, water in art and literature. Research activities, scientific experiments, tests, creativity workshops and days of researchers will be carried out and organized. The project will present possibilities for the pupils to explore the world and make experiments, conduct their first scientific experiment when still at school. In carrying out the project we will co-operate with partners from different countries, encourage innovative STEAM initiatives among them, share practical experience, especially in making the device. With the help of ICT we will communicate and share the results of tests, experiments with water and water basins. We will look for differences and similarities, publish new ideas and inevitably will get to know other European countries and cultures closer.